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A Space To Unplug and recharge

What Is The Women's Wellbeing Circle?


This is your monthly oasis to unplug for 90 minutes to focus on You and life from a woman’s perspective.

Grab a cuppa and relax on your couch as you take time to stop the busy-ness and connect in with self and rejuvenate through engaging and inspiring conversations and mindfulness to leave feeling relaxed and renewed.

Women’s Wellbeing Circle focus is to Empower You to navigate life with happiness and healthiness, building a deeper awareness of what you enjoy in life.

It’s a warm, supportive group to unplug from life demands and plug into you! And your relaxation!!

Our regulars say the warmth, openness and belonging is a grounding influence in their lives because Women’s Wellbeing Circle is about you, for you.

Create a circuit breaker to the rush, rush and life on auto pilot!
Your Women’s Wellbeing Circle is your ‘Me Time’ essential!!

We invite you to come along to experience what the Women’s Wellbeing Circle means for you.

Health is more than Absence of Pain

Red-haired woman looking vibrant with health and wellbeing on a sunny beach

Health comes in different forms. Society is focussed on physical, and more recently mental health. But we like to include wellbeing factors such as Self-Nurture, Fun, Social Wellbeing and much more.

Understanding Wellbeing

Happiness is an inside job. A mature woman smiling and looking content.

To understand Wellbeing you will find many things you thought were just ‘you’, are quite common. We explore the subtle shifts that allow you to enhance the good and change situations to better suit and sustain you!

Live With Fulfilling Relationships

Many women of diversity, ages, ethnicities, smiling and with arms linked.

Women often draw conclusions about their role in life shaped by the opinions of others. This can be in all types of relationships including intimate relationships, family, friends, and workplace professional relationships. 


Women’s Wellbeing Circle is great. Very welcoming environment. I felt very relaxed and less burdened afterwards. Highly recommend! Erin, Riverton


I’ve been coming for 6 months, and the warmth in this group … I look forward to coming together every month! Ali, Manning

Women of all ethnicities, backgrounds standing together smiling

Inclusive and Diverse. Open to All Women.

Your 'Me Time' Essential


  • Does not tell you how to live.
  • Not about religion – though may be touched on as part of women’s understanding of life.
  • Not Counselling. This is a group space which does not address individual trauma.


  • Support in your interpretation of life from a woman’s perspective.
  • Permission to use your empathy and to switch it on and off when needed.
  • How to set and maintain self-sustaining practices.
  • Be with others who know exactly the types of people situations you experience.
  • Discussion of topics relevant to women, which reveals commonalities and differences and ways to adapt to support you and make it sustainable for you.
  • A space to unplug from life demands and plug into self and recharge!
Women’s Wellbeing Circle is a mix of regulars, frequent members, and new starters who come together to:
  • Ask, discuss, and answer questions about people, life, empathy, health and wellbeing.
  • Find support in other’s similar experiences and responses.
  • Explore more sustainable ways to handle situations to improve your experience of life.
  • Build and revitalise our individual and collective capacities, helping us feel fresher for our family, work, and social circles.
  • And each month enter a space of warmth, connectedness, and belonging.

The connections in group are a different type and quality to women’s other friendships.

Women’s Wellbeing Circle is a meeting place and a communal space to relax and just ‘be’ for an hour and a half once a month.
It is a gentle journey without the need to ‘be’ something by a deadline.
Women’s Wellbeing Circle feeds that part of you that craves a space where there is:
  • No need to prepare
  • Non-competitive
  • Non-judgmental
  • Feel connected without needing to maintain this connection between Meetups
  • It is ‘food for the soul’
Come and soak in the atmosphere as a regular oasis in life to rejuvenate and be you.
Women of all ethnicities, backgrounds standing together smiling


WHEN. Held monthly on a Monday at 6.30pm to 8pm between February to November each year.

2024 dates are: 19 February, 18 March, 22 April, 20 May, 17 June, 22 July, 19 August, 16 September, 21 October, 18 November.

WHERE. ONLINE. Once you book in, a meeting link is sent to you for your use only. Meeting links are different each month.


  • $35 per circle.
  • You+Friend for one circle $60 total (ie. $30 each).
  • Annual membership $300 (ie. $30 per circle).
  • You+Friend Annual $500 (ie. $25 per circle each).

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP. Runs from month of purchase for 10 consecutive Circles.

BOOK. Click here and go to IN-CLINIC then up top click on GROUP SESSIONS tab.