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7 Body Zone Program for Pain & Wellness (Video Consult)

This program addresses pain and physical dysfunction from head-to-toe by dividing the body into 7 sections or Body Zones. The program is completed across 8 consults.

Is done VIA VIDEO CONSULT. How do Bodywork Video Consults work?

CHOOSING VIDEO CONSULT OPTION: If you choose the Video Consult option, you are actually choosing a deeper process which will work first on the emotion feeling storage layer of your body where all pain and dysfunction are held, and this will process without you having to go through the emotion. Then that processing will naturally filter through to be expressed as physical unwinding, realignment of dysfunctional organs, body systems, tissues, and joints in your body and resolve of body pain and illness.

This program supports your body to process stress that impacts on physical functioning by treating one body zone at a time, leaving you feeling:

  • You will feel whole. Your whole body will be working together.
  • Refreshed. Pain and dysfunction cause us to feel heavy. After the 7 Body Zone Program you will feel lighter
  • I have seen people experience marked reduction in pain intensity and frequency.
  • People report feeling more energised, motivated
  • Body sections which have been stiff and unable to move properly now feel freer
  • Mental function also improves, with reports of greater clarity and better memory
  • Imbalances and long-term illnesses show positive signs of improvement
  • People smile more readily at the end of the program. When you feel better on the inside, it shows with a smile on the outside

How does the 7 Body Zone Program help?

Specialised treatment using a blend of Osteopathic Craniosacral Therapy, Chinese Medicine Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage and Sound Therapy plus natural healing and wisdom that arises from decades of education and experience are used to align the function of cells of all kinds in the bones and soft tissues of your system.

Healing is natural to our bodies. When we are out of balance though our body is unable to heal itself and requires specialised assistance.

What does the 7 Body Zone Program work on?

The causes of your pain, imbalance or dysfunction are always being worked using gentle techniques that identify where imbalance is held and then where it is disrupting the normal function of the cells of your body.

Restoring normal function is focussed on the key areas of body performance:

  • Structural support which is provided by our muscles and our bones and exhibited by correct posture
  • Organ functioning if your digestive system is sluggish, or your brain overactive causing insomnia and anxiety, or your circulation is poor causing cold hands and feet, or your lymphatic system is slow creating oedema and swelling - one body system out of balance can and does affect others
  • Old injuries where the original injury "healed" but never returned to normal, i.e. you may have healed scar tissue but it does not mean the disruption to how that area of your body functions ever got back to normal

Program Overview

  1. First consult is for Feet, Legs, Hips - with tired, sore feet, swollen ankles, varicose veins signifying stagnant lymphatic drainage, pain in lower limbs, night-time restless legs, function of reproductive organs in men and women, hip joints, pain across back of hips, pelvic bone alignment
  2. Abdomen and Belly - intestinal pain, digestion, unwanted belly fat, constipation, diarrohea
  3. Lower Ribs and Solar Plexus - reflux, rib pain, stiff thorax, hard to breathe
  4. Upper Ribs, Heart, Arms - pain between shoulder blades, heart palpitations, heart conditions, arm pain, hand and finger pain, sore ribs, shallow breathing
  5. Shoulders, Neck, Jaw - jaw pain, jaw clicking, croaky voice, post nasal drip, neck pain, headaches that originate in your neck, shoulder joint pain
  6. Face, Eyes - migraines felt on front of head, eyesight problems and eye disease, pain in facial bones, hearing or ear conditions such as tinnitus, nasal blockages, sinusitis
  7. Crown of head - headaches or migraines on top or rear of head, stabbing or shooting pains in bones of head
  8. Overview session via video call which allows you to ask questions about 'what next?', identify habits and behaviours that led to the pain or dysfunction and ways to overcome them. Tips for better living.

This program gives you a stable base and foundation on which to clear out the stagnancy and heaviness you feel when you have had long-term or recurring pain, or the way you feel after a recent time of stress in life.

Our bodies are machines and need a regular schedule of maintenance and care. Your car is serviced according to a set plan of maintenance, checks, repairs and part replacement. Where you have put your schedule for your body's regular maintenance and care? If you do not have one – this is it.

Timeframe to complete the 7 Body Zone Program

  • Good is to complete this Program within 4 months (this is the maximum time)
  • Better is to complete this Program within 3 months
  • Best is to complete this Program in 8 weeks (for optimum results)

Each week focusses on a different Body Zone, to bring about balance, treat pain and dysfunction and is done in a specific order.

The weekly consult is about improving your body's functioning section by section, creating a cumulative improvement for your whole body as we move from your feet to your head.

It is like a car engine tune-up to remove the build-up that occurs when you run your car day-in, day-out. You keep the same engine (your body), but revitalise and improve how your body works post program.

The 7 Body Zone Program for Pain & Wellness can be done in clinic or via a video call.

So book yourself in.
Your Body will thank you for it.
Your spouse or partner will thank you for it.
Your children won't care or understand, but they will notice that you are happier, moving freer and doing more for them.


The 7 Body Zone Program for Pain & Wellness is completed over 8 consults - one week per Body Zone including an extra consult. Can be done over maximum of 4 months but no longer otherwise your body loses the momentum.

If you have a health fund you can get rebates either as a credit towards future consults or as a refund at the end of the program, but they can only be processed at each visit and not before.

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Program can be delivered in 45 minute consults or 60 minute consults. The last session is an overview session is 30 minutes long in both programs

This is akin to a car service for your body, a physical and energetic 'clean and tune-up' so all moving parts move more freely and with less or no pain

For people with pain that moves around the body - sometimes here, sometimes there

If you are feeling sluggish and without vigour, or have signs of stagnancy such as swollen, painful joints

If you have heaviness, usually felt in your legs, arms or belly, but also you may be feel heavy in how you are thinking or feeling

This addresses each Body Zone like a Lego building block, we start with your feet and legs, and move up to your head, one section per consult.