Anxiety Mind + Body

Anxiety agitates your mind and your body. It makes you feel uneasy and out-of-control, and your muscles become tense and tight. High levels of anxiety are hard to live with, as it disrupts everything from muscle movement, to sleep, to organ, nerve, and digestive functioning.
This specialised treatment includes:

  • Counselling to change mental habits, emotion responses, life triggers, or past trauma that triggers anxiety
  • allows processing physical effects of anxiety
  • to become mentally clearer, bodily and emotionally calmer
  • Chinese Medicine Acupoints & Craniosacral Therapy to calm nervous system

Sessions are strictly confidential and covered by the National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers (2015).

Consults are in-clinic, or can be via Telehealth video consult



Counselling is a focussed conversation with a healthcare professional about a situation that causes you discomfort. Pain Relief Lady structures your sessions to teach you the tools you need, and remind you to use the tools you already have to resolve life disruptions and mental health conditions. Counselling is about assisting you to a deeper understanding of the causes of what bothers you. And provide workable strategies and guidance so you can change it for the better.

Pain Relief Lady has been counselling women, men, and couples since year 2010. You may have experienced a sustained period of stress, or an intense event, or you may be unaware of how you have come to feel like this. Counselling works with your current situation and when similar feelings have appeared in life. This allows you to resolve past and present, so you move forward with freedom into your future.

You will be guided on a pathway to empower and support you find your resolve. Pain Relief Lady has helped people find their path out of tough situations including:

  • chronic anxiety
  • recurring depression
  • grief (immediate, and long-term)
  • workplace bullying
  • dysfunctional family of origin issues
  • relationship difficulties including domestic violence

Pain Relief Lady will help you find your way to a place of security, understanding, acceptance, and empowerment. Sessions are strictly confidential and covered by the National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers (2015).

Consults can be in-clinic or by video call / Telehealth.


Counselling + Pain Treatment

Your body functions as a machine, but also as an interface between you and your external environment, and you and your internal world. When you feel repeat, unwanted emotion – such as anxiety, anger, irritability, grief – your mind can shutdown these emotions forcing your physical body to store the tension they create. In time this store of tension disrupts organ functioning and physical movement.

If you want to clear the backlog of a a short period of heightened emotion, or a lifetime of a recurring emotion then this consult addresses your thought patterns, and emotion responses, and removes the physical effects these have on your body functioning. This is a wholistic approach to mental, emotional, physical health and wellbeing.

People report feeling lighter, freer, more in control, and greater positivity post a series of Combined Mind, Body, Emotion consults, and a reduction of symptoms in all 3 areas, leading to the cessation of the original cause.

This consult involves both Counselling and physical treatment using Craniosacral Therapy and Acupressure where you feel tightness, pain, or where the emotion we are addressing is felt in your system. You are fully dressed throughout.

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Relationship Coaching for 2

Relationship coaching is done with one or both partners. It is about improving your present while building towards a future relationship goal. All strategies provided in consult are designed to empower you:

  • to negotiate to meet your relational needs without negating the needs of your partner
  • resolve differences without giving in or giving up, and
  • how to take the negative emotions out of the subtext of your relationship.

The focus of Relationship Coaching is about the best way to improve your connection with self first, then with each other. 

In structured sessions, Pain Relief Lady helps you understand your blocks to manifesting your vision of a happier you. Sessions are strictly confidential and covered by the National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers (2015).

Consults can be in-clinic or by video call / Telehealth

Craniosacral Therapy (Osteopathic)

Craniosacral Therapy (Osteopathic)

Craniosacral Therapy works with your Nervous System and the fluid that nourishes your brain and spinal cord to resolve painful conditions that effect both neural  (nerves) and structural elements (muscles, organs, bones). Strong physical pain caused by poor posture, injury, accident, diet, lifestyle, virus or bacteria can be treated. Other pain conditions which arise through the accumulation of tension and stress caused by life events, and traumatic experiences. Resolving pain from migraines, or tinnitus, for example, involves both neural and structural components to be addressed. It is also a great way to treat muscle and bony pain caused by postural imbalances or injuries from motor vehicle accidents. This style of treatment also works very well with newborns with signs of pain and distress. It is delivered as a series of treatments to make positive, lasting change in your Nervous System and physical body.

Pain Relief Consult

Pain Relief Consult

This consult allows the right techniques for your condition to be individualised for you, and matched to your level of pain and stage of recovery. Consult modalities are picked to address multiple areas of pain or dysfunction. The treatment palette may vary during the course of your Pain Relief Pathway. All choices are discussed, explained, and agreed with you in advance of treatment. So if you are tired of working out what you need, this consult allows you to walk in, and let Pain Relief Lady use her years of experience in Natural Pain Management to choose what your body needs to recover, or allow you to choose what you want according to how you feel at your appointment.

Acupressure (Chinese Medicine)

Acupressure (Chinese Medicine)

Acupressure is the same as Acupuncture, but uses finger pressure instead of needles. The Acupoints are exactly the same. Ally, Pain Relief Lady prefers the direct-touch method as it is more accurate and effective providing immediate feedback about each Acupoint. Acupoints form a map from head to toe to treat every aspect of health, including muscle pain, illness, organ dysfunction, and mental health. This treatment is very effective for adults and newborns with signs of pain or distress. As a treatment series you will find great improvement in your condition, as each treatment addresses the different factors contributing to your pain.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Pain Relief Lady has her Signature Brand of lymphatic work which combines Manual Lymphatic Drainage, with Acupressure, and Craniosacral Therapy to get your lymphatic system working optimally.

Your Lymphatic System removes toxins and cellular debris from your internal body to enable every other body system to function properly. Lymphatic functioning is detrimentally affected by several situations:

  • stress – mental, emotion, physical
  • surgery cuts lymphatic vessels which are not reconnected
  • lowered immunity from recent virus, recurrent infection, autoimmune condition, organ transplant, or medication

When in need of Lymphatic Drainage, people feel heavy, sluggish, bloated, swollen, perpetually tired, irritable, apathetic, have red stretched skin, or in pain from fluid retention. This treatment is a head-to-toe treatment series that addresses conditions such as sinusitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, menstrual cycle bloating, facial puffiness, and the physical effects of depression and anxiety. It is also designed to relieve large oedema caused by lymph node removal as part of cancer treatment.

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Jaw Unwinding

Tight clenched jaws, teeth grinding, subluxating jaws which click in and out of the joint. This treatment series releases the excessive tension in muscles which attach the lower jaw to your skull, facial muscle tensions, cranial bone compressions, jammed Atlanto-Occipital Joint, and tight compressed cervical spine (neck) to create normal range of movement in your Temporo-Mandibular Joint. 

Creating relaxed functioning of upper body, head and neck structures is essential for full resolution of your jaw problem. Jaw Unwinding includes techniques to release both internal and external contracted jaw muscles, as well as affected and contributing external body structures are treated.

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Reproductive Issues, including Fertility

Reproductive issues, including Fertility, for men and women are treated with success for a range of conditions and imbalances using Chinese Medicine’s Acupressure with some Craniosacral Therapy:

  • Fertility issues with no medical cause but sustained effort to conceive has great success
  • Fertility issues with medical cause has increased success of medical interventions
  • For women: irregular menstrual cycles, heavy bleed, moodiness, PMS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, libido
  • For men: prostate and associated urinary issues, fertility, and libido