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Chronic Jaw Clenching Fixed with Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy fixes chronic jaw clenching

I have been having appointments with Ally for my clicky painful jaw and my arthritis.
I have been amazed at how this treatment as been helping me in so many ways. My jaw is no longer a problem which has given me the ability to relax jaw for the first time in years. I have been a jaw clencher cracking teeth, now stopped. Being able to relax neck and shoulders has been so hard to do but now this is getting easier.
So if you are prepared to try an alternative to physio or chiropractor, Ally and Craniosacral Therapy is a must. I wish I had discovered this service years ago. Thank you Ally x

Roslyn, Willetton

Longed For Baby through Fertility Acupressure

Long awaited third baby with Fertility Acupressure

My husband and I had been trying for awhile for our third child but I knew that my body was 'off'. After about one month of relaxing acupressure by Ally, I noticed changes in my body and a we conceived

Really Good with Kids

Really Good with Kids

Ally has been looking after the kids for over 12 months now and she has become part of the family as she is working with the kids on their level which means they are responding to all of her touch.
Thanks so much Ally your healing hands are such a gift and we are truly blessed to have found you.

Josh, Dalyellup

Successfully treated for extremely persistant, bad headaches

Craniosacral Therapy & children - Sinusitis | Headaches

Ally successfully treated my 12-year-old daughter for extremely persistent, bad headaches. The medical profession treated my daughter for a sinus infection which was found to be non-existent. The dentist recommended the application of braces for a teeth grinding problem for which they could not prove.

At my wits end I researched alternate treatments and came across Craniosacral Therapy and Ally's name.

The headaches disappeared after 2 treatments. My daughter really enjoyed the sessions and had a very high degree of confidence in Ally.

Ally's use of a wholistic approach meant that both the physical and mental wellbeing of my daughter improved and the benefits of the treatment proved a major turning point in my daughter's life.

Thank you Ally!

Susan, Lane Cove

Surgery not the only option for breathing problems

Craniosacral Therapy | Lymphatic Drainage & toddler - Adenoids & Tonsillitis

We saw Ally after being told by the ENT specialist that our 2.5 year old son needs his adenoids and tonsils removed and most probably grommets inserted.

We were shocked and terrified and felt the need of researching other treatments first before going down the road of surgery, as surgery was the last resort for us.

After starting daycare our son had constant infections and was 5 times on antibiotics in 3.5 months. His tonsils were huge and his breathing was terrible. He started to breath through his mouth only and snored terribly at night and also kept waking up often.

It was heartbreaking watching him struggle to breath properly. While we had a date for the T&A (Tonsil & Adenoid) surgery, we were very keen to try different treatments in the meantime as we were still not really convinced that surgery was the only option.

After seeing Ally only a couple of times we noticed a huge improvement in our son's breathing. He was barely snoring and finally able to sleep through the night again!!!!!!!!!

His tonsils also looked less enlarged. His appetite came back and after continuing the therapy for a few more sessions my son was back to normal.

Ally also suggested to work in corporation with a naturopath to help clearing his nasal congestion from the inside. This two approaches together were proving extremely successful. Friends and relatives also commented on how well our son recovered and when the surgery due date approached we saw absolutely no reason why he would need any surgery anymore. To make sure we didn't miss anything we had our son's ears checked out and also did a hearing test, which he passed with no problem. So we cancelled the surgery!!!!!!!!!

We can only highly recommend to any parent in a similar situation, to give Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage a try and also to see a naturopath (removing dairy from our son's diet was extremly helpful).

Ally was amazing the way she engaged with our son. He enjoyed the sessions and interacting with Ally. We are very grateful and hope that surgery will never be an option again.


BI, Shelley

Ally is Friendly, Professional, & Very Knowledgeable

Ally is Friendly, Professional & Very Knowledgeable

I have been having treatment on a regular basis for a few years now. Ally is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable.

Ermelina, Kewdale

Chronic Neck Pain Fixed with Acupressure & Craniosacral Therapy

Chronic Neck Pain Fixed with Acupressure & Craniosacral Therapy

I have had a lifetime neck problem which got much worse recently. My neck is now great, and no pain. I recommend going for treatment with Ally

Veronica, Applecross

Chronic shoulder pain & migraine treatment with Craniosacral Therapy & Remedial Massage

Craniosacral Therapy & Remedial Massage

Ally Condren was referred to me by a professional Health Care practitioner.

Ally, always professional, dealt with issues in a caring, accurate and honest manner, and when the need arose this was coupled with a sparkling sense of humour.

Ally's treatments were always effective and addressed my condition(s), of which were debilitating migraines and severe shoulder pain, Ally's drug-free treatments proved astonishingly effective when other methods were often unsuccessful. Ally's clinic provided a range of treatments and therapies to address various needs and requirements of her clients. I can confidently recommend Ally Condren Smart.

Peter, Ryde