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25 March Federal Government Health Practice Update

Posted on 25/03/2020 by Pain Relief Lady

As of 25 March 2020 Federal Government recommendations for healthcare practitioners like myself are:

  • Screen clients before treatment, and refuse treatment to anyone who is within 2 week timeframe post travel, has signs of temperature, cough, sniffle, sore throat, or in contact with someone who is confirmed Covid-19 case. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE, no matter how much I like and respect you. Video Consults with you at home are available for those who are in this category
  • Protection for clients in terms of hygiene practices, and protection for myself as a practitioner - this is ALREADY IN PLACE. I will be wearing a face mask and gloves as per Government requirements for in-clinic treatments disposed after each client.
  • Social Distancing requirements met in terms of spacing of client appointments - ALREADY DONE 30 minutes between appointments, my waiting room is only for you to walk through and noone else is in my clinic other than you and me at any time while you are there.

Other measures I have already implemented are:

  • VIDEO CONSULTS for bodywork and counselling are on the website. These are very viable options and can be done with you at your home, or you in the treatment room and myself in the other spare room and connect via Video Call.
  • Appointments are 30 minutes apart so noone crosses paths
  • If you arrive super early, and there is another car on the driveway, please stay in your car until other person leaves.
  • When you arrive, no hand shaking with me please
  • No kids at the clinic, as cannot guarantee their hands stay clean. VIDEO CONSULTS are available for Children and Adults
  • The treatment room is huge - 30 square metres - door is now left open for air circulation. I can be in the room with you or in the next room with the door shut via Video Call
  • I will be wearing a face mask, it is your choice if you do.
  • All surfaces including chairs are disinfected before and after clients
  • Linen is one-time use
  • You are welcome to bring your own linen
  • Linen is boil washed in above boiling temperatures at 95 degrees Celsius
  • NO magazines are available and the bell to tell me you have arrived has been removed - I will know or shout out
  • Children's corner has been dismantled - Children are not allowed to attend the clinic - Video Consults are available for them
  • I already wash my hands to Medical Standard and wash them before, after each client and every other time in between.

When the government decides my type of business is a risk then I will cease in-clinic treatments immediately. Video Consults for Bodywork Pain Relief are available on the website.

Your health, my health have always been extremely important to me and clients who know me and my practice know that. Please do not suffer in pain during this time, I strongly recommend Video Consults as a better option. Video Consults do get better results and I have reduced the price to encourage you to take it up.

  • Keep unwashed hands from your face.
  • Use soap and water or alcohol-based cleansers - both are as good as each other
  • See my Medical Hand Washing video to help with a more thorough clean of your hands
  • Gloves do not protect you. If you touch your nose and mouth with gloved hands, it is the same as touching them with ungloved hands - the virus doesn't care how you let it reach your mouth.
  • Check your temperature daily in the morning. At 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit) or above then please have a Covid swab test with your doctor or hospital and self-isolate
  • Clean surfaces in your home, car, workplace with alcohol-based products
  • Be kind to those around you. People are feeling anxious and a bit edgy at this time.
  • Daily check Australian Department of Health for reliable Covid statistics. The death statistic is the most important and it is extremely low in Australia: https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-current-situation-and-case-numbers

With the greatest regard for you and yours, me and mine

Ally, Pain Relief Lady