Anxiety 101: Take Back Control

Anxious feelings, anxiety, panic attacks are different levels of the same sliding scale of emotions and physical symptoms that make you feel out-of-control, out-of-your depth.

Sometimes it happens for obvious reasons, such as you’re running late for an appointment, or about to deliver a presentation at work.

The worst is when it happens when you’re alone in your kitchen for no reason at all.

Anxiety and panic makes you feel scared. Scared of the sensations you feel in your body, and scared that you can’t predict when it will happen next. You feel you are not able to control your body or your mind which can be more disturbing.

Anxiety 101: Take Back Control is designed to put you in the driver’s seat, so you take charge again and feel confident in your body and in your mind.

You will learn techniques that you can use at home each week, which you can then apply anywhere, anytime. The more you practice Pain Relief Lady’s anxiety-busting techniques, the easier, quicker, and stronger your skills become, and the less anxiety you will feel.

Anxiety 101: Take Back Control  teaches you how to:

  • understand your physical symptoms of anxiety and panic
  • understand mental processes that embed anxiety and panic in your system
  • learn how to interrupt the process to stop anxiousness turning into anxiety
  • stop fighting, worrying, and planning for anxiety and panic in your day
  • start to identify the root cause of your anxiety and work on releasing it for good
  • show you how to Take Back Control and live confidently

Anxiety 101: Take Back Control is a 4-week LIVE group course, 1 hour per week with Ally, Pain Relief Lady.

Who is Ally, Pain Relief Lady?

Pain Relief Lady is an Online Course Provider who has 21 years clinical experience as a Counsellor and Natural Pain Relief Specialist. Ally specialises in connecting Mind Body Emotion to free people of all kinds of pain.

Pain Relief Lady has helped tens of thousands of people with both mental health and physical health pain conditions including anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS, big ‘T’ and little ‘t’ trauma. Her specialty and passion is Somatic Psychotherapy which connects body functioning with mind processes to release unprocessed emotion and get your systems back into balance, and you living with joy and the space to choose what you want.

Course Outline

Each 1 hour lesson is supported by a real-life exercise, tool, or strategy to practice for the week. The live sessions are recorded and can be watched at any time during the week. Below is the course outline.

1. DECONSTRUCT ANXIETY. Clarify different stages on the sliding scale from anxious to anxiety to panic and how to interrupt its progression before reaching out-of-your-depth stages. Why we need anxious feelings and how to work with it positively

2. MIND-BODY AND ANXIETY. Identify and Interrupt Mind-Body anxiety link. Stop those uncomfortable Anxiety body symptoms before they feel like you are dying

3. MIND-EMOTION AND ANXIETY. Disconnect that core unwanted feeling that feeds Anxiety, and keeps you in a state of various stages of alarm, without you needing to fight the anxiety or panic monster to do so

4. POWER OF 3. MIND-BODY-EMOTION. Bringing it all together. You may have had anxiety for years. This week we reinforce your new anxiety-busting regime, for you to use at home, work, and all the spaces in between until anxiety and panic are no longer features in your life

At the end of Anxiety 101: Take Back Control you will have:

  • tools and new confidence to protect you from unpredictability of anxiety
  • new skills which kick anxiety’s butt, even if you have done therapy before
  • have a deep understanding of why your body and mind have reacted this way
  • identify your root cause and have the method to release it

This course is open to men, women, and teenagers, who have noticed that they:

  • suffer with heart palpitations without having a heart condition
  • suffer breathlessness, clammy hands, excessive sweating without exertion
  • suffer with thoughts of being trapped, vulnerable, useless
  • freeze in the moment and can’t move or think
  • want anxiety and panic to end and are ready to Take Back Control


Dates: Sunday 9 January, Sun 16, Sun 23, and finishes Sunday 30 January.

Time Zones:
4pm to 5pm (Perth)
5.30pm to 630pm (Darwin)
6pm to 7pm (Brisbane)
6.30pm to 730pm (Adelaide)
7pm to 8pm (Sydney, Melbourne)

Location is ONLINE so from the comfort of your home, or while waiting for kids to finish activities, or sitting in a park, or relaxing on your Summer holiday via your phone or tablet. Or by catching up on the recording during the week.

COST. EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT $117 ($30 per week) purchase before 31 Dec 2021
After 1 January 2022, $147 (equates to $37 per week)

Boundaries 101: Protecting Your Personal Space

When life is busy, you’re jumping from one situation to solve or manage to the next.

You quickly switch focus between the needs at home, needs of work, the needs of the important people in your life, even the needs and demands of your social life and family (parents, siblings, relatives).

It can get overwhelming … and you become overloaded, with no time to breathe.

Now everyone and everything feels real close, too close.

If you just had the space. You could breathe and think more clearly.

This is how the Boundaries 101: Protecting Your Personal Space course came into being.

Boundaries 101: Protecting Your Personal Space teaches you how to:

  • conceptualise your space and set a boundary around it
  • guard your personal space as precious, because you deserve to claim it
  • use your personal space as your mind and body’s space to unwind in
  • turn your personal space into your personal buffer protection zone
  • keep unwanted situations, people, emotion at bay
  • so you take more effective action and feel freer, happier, more connected to life and the people you love

Boundaries 101: Protecting Your Personal Space teaches Boundaries as your keystone skill and foundation for a happy life. Without Boundaries people experience life as draining. Without Boundaries you are without protection.

Boundaries 101: Protecting Your Personal Space is an 8-week LIVE ONLINE group course, 1 hour per week with Ally. Followed by real-life exercise, tool, or strategy to practice for the week. Below is the course outline:

    Boundaries: What they are, and How to set them. Understand your boundary’s location in space.
    What are the boundary rules? Who is allowed in? When are they allowed in? Who is NOT allowed in? The Boundary ‘RULES’ discusses boundaries and hugging and other physical affection, workplace setup, common face-to-face contact scenarios.
    Valuing Self. Boundaries are for your protection – physical, emotion, mental. Boundaries also protect your interests. Boundaries create FAIR work share, FAIR distribution of resources, FAIR consideration of you and your needs. Boundaries are the first step to getting what you want in life, what you want from your relationships, and to feel fulfilled not drained.
    Signs of a HEALTHY Boundary. Signs of Boundary TRESPASS. When is it okay to bend the Boundary Rules?
    How to Stop Fearing People’s Reaction to your Boundary. Let’s practice ways to diffuse other’s anger (or your fear of an angry reaction). We will practise ways that assert your boundary without you feeling demanding.
    Should you forgive a boundary breaker? Questions about boundary use. Challenges. Successes. Changes and shifts in dynamic between you and another person. How to get someone out who pushed in. Help when you let the wrong person in!
    Boundaries with an Intimate Partner, or your Children – how it is different? Do boundaries with intimate contacts have different Boundary RULES? Differences between boundaries with your spouse / partner, your children, close family, and best friends.
    Boundary Strength, and Boundary Limitations. How well will the best boundary hold up in a toxic environment, or in the company of a toxic person?

At the end of Boundaries 101: Protecting Your Personal Space you will:

  • have tools to stay calm and centred in the presence of others
  • feel energised when interacting
  • be visible, be heard
  • identify toxic connections and
  • be active in minimising or removing them!

This course is open to men and women, who have noticed they:

  • often feel drained by the company of others
  • suffer health complaints that have no medical origin
  • want to be closer with others in their personal life without negative effects
  • want greater success separating work stress from general life

DOORS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW. To be given VIP notice of the next Boundaries 101: Protecting Your Personal Space course, please email Pain Relief Lady!

Location is ONLINE so from the comfort of your home, or while waiting for kids to finish activities, or sitting in a park.

COST. $297  (equates to $37 per week). SPECIAL 2 FOR 1. Code for Special is FRIENDFREE.
Book for you and get a friend or family member for FREE.

Postcard Empath Thrive Boundaries 101
This is a real photo of man who lived in a bubble for health reasons. Imagine this is how your Boundary can protect you and give you space to breathe. Picture published by The Independent Newspaper, UK

Empath Thrive Series

The Empath Thrive Series are courses designed for the specific needs of Empaths and Empathic People. Coming later 2022

Empaths feel the emotion states of others. Often without trying Empaths sense emotion like other people sense temperature.
It is an ability you are born with. You cannot stop being an Empath, you are one. 
People can learn Empathy, and be very high on the Empathy scale, and so encounter the same struggles as Empaths. Both Empaths and Empathic People benefit from the Empath Thrive Series.

Empaths and Empathic People often experience overwhelm, helper’s burnout, can temporarily hate all people, and be overworked. Empaths and Empathic People also experience deeper levels of emotion, pleasant and unwanted.

Your specific needs go unnoticed in societies around the world, and Empaths and Empathic People suffer because of this lack of understanding.
Ally, Pain Relief Lady understands.

Ally specifically focusses on the common struggles of Empaths in her Empath Thrive Series because despite there being billions of Empaths on the planet, our nature and abilities remain misunderstood. The Empath Thrive Series will show you how to soar, not be dragged down by the burdens of others.