Empath Thrive Series

The Empath Thrive Series are courses designed for the specific needs of Empaths and Empathic People.

Empaths feel the emotion states of others. Often without trying Empaths sense emotion like other people sense temperature.
It is an ability you are born with. You cannot stop being an Empath, you are one. 
People can learn Empathy, and be very high on the Empathy scale, and so encounter the same struggles as Empaths. Both Empaths and Empathic People benefit from the Empath Thrive Series.

Empaths and Empathic People often experience overwhelm, helper’s burnout, can temporarily hate all people, and be overworked. Empaths and Empathic People also experience deeper levels of emotion, pleasant and unwanted.

Your specific needs go unnoticed in societies around the world, and Empaths and Empathic People suffer because of this lack of understanding.
Ally, Pain Relief Lady understands.

Ally specifically focusses on the common struggles of Empaths in her Empath Thrive Series because despite there being billions of Empaths on the planet, our nature and abilities remain misunderstood. The Empath Thrive Series will show you how to soar, not be dragged by the burdens of others.

Empath Thrive Series: Boundaries 101
This is a real photo of man who lived in a bubble for health reasons. Imagine this is how your Boundary can protect you and give you space to breathe. Picture published by The Independent Newspaper, UK

Boundaries 101

Boundaries 101 teaches Boundaries as your keystone skill and foundation for a happy life.

Without Boundaries Empaths and Empathic People experience life as draining. Without Boundaries you are without protection.

Boundaries 101 is 8-week group course, 1 hour per week as a group with Ally. Followed by a real-life exercise, tool, or strategy to practice for that week. Below is the course outline.

    Boundaries: What they are, and How to set them. Understand your boundary’s location in space.
    What are the boundary rules? Who is allowed in? When are they allowed in? Who is NOT allowed in? The Boundary ‘RULES’ discusses boundaries and hugging and other physical affection, workplace setup, common face-to-face contact scenarios.
    Valuing Self. Boundaries are for your protection – physical, emotion, mental. Boundaries also protect your interests. Boundaries create FAIR work share, FAIR distribution of resources, FAIR consideration of you and your needs. Boundaries are the first step to getting what you want in life, what you want from your relationships, and to feel fulfilled not drained.
    Signs of a HEALTHY Boundary. Signs of Boundary TRESPASS. When is it okay to bend the Boundary Rules?
    How to Stop Fearing People’s Reaction to your Boundary. Let’s practice ways to diffuse other’s anger (or your fear of an angry reaction). We will practise ways that assert your boundary without you feeling demanding.
    Should you forgive a boundary breaker? Questions about boundary use. Challenges. Successes. Changes and shifts in dynamic between you and another person. How to get someone out who pushed in. Help when you let the wrong person in!
    Boundaries with an Intimate Partner, or your Children – how it is different? Do boundaries with intimate contacts have different Boundary RULES? Differences between boundaries with your spouse / partner, your children, close family, and best friends.
    Boundary Strength, and Boundary Limitations. How well will the best boundary hold up in a toxic environment, or in the company of a toxic person?

At the end of Boundaries 101 you will:

  • know you have the tools to protect yourself from the highs and lows of others
  • feel energised
  • be visible, be heard
  • identify toxic connections and be active in minimising or removing them!

This course is open to men and women, who have noted that they:

  • feel drained in the company of others
  • give a lot but don’t always receive
  • struggle to meet their own needs, but instinctively know how to meet the needs of others

ONLINE. Starting Sat 9 October @ 1.30pm to 2.30pm (AWST). Finishes Sat 27 November.
Location is ONLINE so from the comfort of your home, or while waiting for kids to finish activities, or sitting in a park.

IN CLINIC. Starting Tues 12 October @ 12.30pm to 1.30pm.
Finishes Tues 30 November. (Maximum 20 people)
Location is 2 Brooklea Place, Ferndale WA 6148.

COST. $247 Earlybird discount (equates to $30 per week) pay by 24 September 2021.
After 25 Sept is $297 (equates to $37 per week).

1 On Calendar, go to Sat 9 October      
2 Book and pay      

      1 On Calendar, go to Tues 12 October
      2 Book and pay

Anxiety 101

Empath Thrive Series are a series of courses designed for the needs of Empaths and Empathic People.

A course for Empaths with Anxiety is coming next … It’s time to get excited, help is coming. Join the wait list below!