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Sleep Disturbances

Wake During the Night | Difficulty Falling Asleep | Toilet Visit in the Night | Wake Early

A minimum of 7 hours unbroken sleep is required every night to be fully rested and rejuvenated.

The exception is nursing mothers (unfortunate but true), whose bodies begin to adjust pre-birth with waking during the night in readiness for baby’s arrival. But by your child’s first birthday mums need to be back practising good sleep hygiene for their sanity and wellbeing, and wellbeing of their household.

Broken sleep prevents the body from going into the deep, restful stages of our sleep cycle. So at a physiological level our bodies are kept at a stage of activity or readiness instead of fully resting. This is a downward spiral as we then wake tense or tired, meaning we are less productive during our day, and then likely to stay awake longer to ‘make-up’ for unproductive time. We are then more tired, but bodily over-tired which acts as a preventative to full and restful sleep. And so on … sound familiar?

Without restful sleep, the body’s ‘fight or flight’ system is activated (not to the same degree as people with anxiety or panic attacks) but maintaining a state of low-level but constant stress in your system.

We will work with you to determine the cause of the broken sleep. It may be a muscular or bony pain that wakes you during the night, or a situation in your life you are unsure of how to handle, or a misalignment in the body causing undue pressure when sleeping, or an old habit that started for one reason and just kept going.

We see a visit to the bathroom during the night as the symptom not the cause of your waking. Unless there is an underlying pathology / condition (such as weak bladder from childbirth or accident, enlarged prostate), then your bladder didn't wake you something else did, but while you are awake it is something to do.

Nightly toilet visits can start during a restless sleep period in your life and then be carried on as a poor sleep hygiene habit. The body easily adapts to any circumstance and can be quite dogged once you have set a routine to change back when the cause has disappeared.

We will work with you to look at other causes for nightly loo visits so that you get a full 7 hours sleep a night - imagine waking rested and only in the morning!

To rest your system we will work with your Cranial Rhythm, to calm the central nervous system using Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Acupressure. The physical tension that is stored in muscles and tissues as a result of your body having not fully rested each night is also treated.

Meditation techniques can also be incorporated into treatment for you to practice at home.

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