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Jaw & Teeth

Jaw Pain or Tension | Clicking or Popping Jaw | TMJ Dysfunction | Teeth Grinding

The jaw is one of our favourite areas. It can store so much and equally in releasing can reverberate with releases throughout our bodies. Our jaw is about determination whether it is physical effort or problem-solving thoughts, often our jaw is involved and tightens as we exert ourselves mentally or physically.

Grinding our teeth at night is a habitual practice of experiencing what has happened during our day that we couldn’t resolve while awake. This obviously has serious dental implications with teeth being worn down and weakened. It also doesn’t aid resolution of life’s tasks and duties and so people grinding their teeth, wake with lots of tension and no answers.

Muscular tension can be so severe that on opening your jaw, one or both sides ‘pop’ out of the joint, causing pain and sometimes inability to go back correctly – creating a tracking issue in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Chewing pens or gum can lead to TMJ problems by overexercising one side of the jaw and creating muscular imbalance between left and right.

Pelvic imbalances are linked to jaw dysfunction / tension so in treatment we work with both areas ensuring proper alignment of both.

A jaw unwinding session is highly recommended about the third treatment, with preparatory work done in the first and second treatments. We also discuss with you releasing the muscles inside the mouth which hold the jaw in a sling of muscle and can become overly contracted, restricting proper jaw functioning.

Please note, working with the jaw may involve emotional release. In our clinic there is no judgement on your need to express feelings which are painful for you. We are not burdened nor surprised by their surfacing, and unlike doing it solo, we are there to support you post the release and bring you back to a state of bodily calm and centredness.

At all times with internal jaw work, your practitioner and you work together using a clear communication system.

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