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Can be endogenous (internally-triggered such as chemical imbalance) or exogenous (externally triggered such as job loss, death of loved one, accident, long-term stress or pain) in origin.

Regardless of the trigger, the result is a physiological slowing down. People with depression become disconnected from their body. Movement becomes an effort which feeds the cycle of sluggishness and disconnection from themselves and society – the retreat inward.

In bodywork treatment for depression, we begin with the central nervous system and the fluid system that encases and supports it – this is your cranial rhythm. By working with your cranial rhythm we increase your vitality and energy levels and mental clarity and decision-making. Using Craniosacral Therapy we assess your system’s balance through the bones of the skull and spine.

We work gently into the body to release long-standing tension, freeing the flow of fluids, nutrition, and toxin removal from these areas, increasing movement and function. It is not surprising how much better you can feel when you don't have muscular and bony tension making you feel locked up. The effect is a more vital feeling and sense of purpose.

Please note, bodywork treatment may involve emotional release. In our clinic there is no judgement on your need to express feelings which are painful for you. We are not burdened nor surprised by their surfacing, and unlike doing it solo, we are there to support you post the release and bring you back to a state of bodily calm and centredness.

We believe counselling or psychotherapy is also an important aspect of treatment for depression to deal with the psychological elements of the condition, such as coping skills with life’s ups and downs, and / or past trauma or incident which may have contributed to its onset.

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