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Back Pain

Back Pain | Low Back Pain | Painful to Sit & Stand | Slipped Disc | Herniated Disc

Back pain varies from mild discomfort which makes it painful to sit and stand to excruciating pain that prevents you from moving (at least willingly). We also successfully treat many pregnant women who with their changing shape and growing bump may suffer back pain.

Generally back pain is the result of years of poor posture and declining muscle strength in our core muscles (lower abdominal & pelvic floor muscles). This leads to weakness in the supporting stomach muscles and overuse of the lower back muscles. This causes pelvic instability and delicate nerves that exit the spine and feed the lower back, buttocks, legs and feet can be irritated or compressed creating an array of uncomfortable to painful symptoms in these areas. The weakened and overused muscles can create pulls on the vertebrae (bones of the spine) and you may be diagnosed with a slipped disc or herniated disc or disc bulge.

As your lower back is weakened, your body will use the shoulder girdle to provide strength and support for the whole torso (which it is not designed to do). In time this leads to raised shoulders, neck pain, headaches, and mid-thoracic or mid-back pain.

Equally if your back pain is the result of a fall or accident we are able to successfully help you. The cause may be different but our treatment will address the areas of pain and the areas that are now compensating in their use or posture to minimise you feeling pain.

To treat your back, whether it be upper, mid or lower back, we first do a postural assessment to see what factors are contributing to your pain. From here we then talk with you about simple ways you can improve your posture without having to make radical changes.

Depending on your condition and level of movement, and degree of pain our treatment plan will be adapted to suit you and your needs at the time of presentation and as your body heals. Techniques used may include: craniosacral therapy, remedial massage, sports massage, myofascial treatment, trigger point, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Our services are wholistic and not only treat the area of pain, but also the underlying cause. If you have had chronic back pain which is of more than a few months or even years, we can help reduce your symptoms and help you become pain-free for longer and longer periods with our treatment plans.

Recovery is never one-treatment, with a little patience and committment you can lead the life you want.

At some stage in your treatment we will recommend and show you exercises (either to stretch or strengthen different areas) and we recommend Pilates classes run by qualified Pilates instructors who have done the 2 year course (just ask the instructor or gym), as part of your road to wellness.

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