Better Life! was a great first session. Very welcoming environment. I felt very relaxed and less burdened afterwards. Highly recommended! Erin, Riverton

Better Life! Empathic People Monthly Meet

Upcoming Topics

27 February: 7 Key Life Statement Reflections and releasing emotion charge from statements we aren’t consciously aware of
27 March:  Understanding how Anxiety is connected to Empathy and what to do about it
24 April: How to Survive Narcissists

This is a person-centred meet-up, with topics suggested and agreed by the group ..

Sign up to be a part of a group of like-minded, like-hearted people held monthly from February to November 6.30pm to 7.45pm can session to session or annually.

Empathic people need to follow different rules to have a Better Life! because without these guidelines Empathic People often feel:

  • drained after being with others
  • feel heavy in their body after catch-ups and going to work
  • need time to recover from being in crowds
  • like a fish out of water as your inner circle are not like you
  • often in families, workplaces, and social circles without other Empathic people who understand how you experience life
  • attend to other’s needs but find others don’t do the same for you
  • feel emotions portrayed in tv shows and movies in your body as if it’s you
  • absorb the feeling states of those standing near you, including strangers (crowds are tiring)
  • sometimes Empathic people try to switch this off or pretend it’s not happening, and experience extreme unwellness or recurring physical symptoms
  • often need weekends in bed or on the couch to recover from your usual weekly routine

Not all Empathic People understand themselves to be empathic, nor how that changes what you can and need to do in life.

You are invited to come along once a month. You can JUST LISTEN OR PARTICIPATE, it’s your choice, as we deep dive on issues and topics particular to Empathic People.

If you’re not sure if you are, come along. Your hunch is probably right! 

Empathy is a connection between people

Pain Relief Lady hosts each month with sessions guided towards fulfilment for each group member to live a Better Life! without heaviness, feeling drained, or pulled in all directions.

Each month’s topic is relevant to the group, with your input requested to guide the monthly theme. Discussion is open to all attendees, so sessions address what is important for members to improve your life, your wellbeing, your happiness, and your health!
Empathic people have similar struggles, yet receive no instruction about how to navigate a life where you are attuned to others, and likely not attuned enough to self.
If any of the above sounds like you, come along to the monthly meet (February to November) to JUST LISTEN OR PARTICIPATE in a group designed for you as an Empathic person! Bring a friend or family member (even if they are not empathic if it helps you feel more comfortable to come along).

Month-to-month your skills and confidence and understanding of why you are the way you are will grow, and you’ll know where it is good to make some changes for your wellbeing, and when you need to stand firm in who you are and celebrate your unique self!

Empathic people often are:

  • Told “you are TOO sensitive”
  • Had your people insights and intuition dismissed as “seeing things that aren’t there”, but which prove accurate
  • Made to feel ‘wrong’, ‘bad’, ‘different’, ‘weak’ (because you want to cry in sad movies)
  • Often your time and your effort to help others is taken for granted as “your job” in the relationship. This also includes your workplace.
  • Have connections with others who are your opposite, and sometimes you wonder why people so different to you are in your inner circle.


WHEN. Held monthly on a Monday at 6.30pm to 7.45pm between February to November each year.

2023 dates are: 27 February, 27 March, 24 April, 22 May, 19 June, 31 July, 28 August, 11 September, 23 October, 20 November.

WHERE. Inside Thrive Wellness Centre at 6 Mint Street, East Victoria Park WA 6101.

PRICE. $50 per session. You+Friend Special per session $75 total ($37.50 each).
Annual membership $350 ($35 per session). You+Friend Special Annual $525 ($26.25 per session each).

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP. Runs from month of purchase for one year.

FOUNDING MEMBERS. Purchase an annual membership at $350 in 2023 and forever be locked in at that price, when prices increase.

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