Better Life! Monthly Meetup is a self-development group to live a Better Life! A welcoming environment to engage with life topics and have the opportunity to learn, explore and meet new people who are like you on a journey of discovery and enhancement.

Better Life! was great. Very welcoming environment. I felt very relaxed and less burdened afterwards. Highly recommend! Erin, Riverton


I’ve been coming for 6 months, and the warmth in this group … I look forward to coming together every month! Ali, Manning

About Better Life!

Better Life! is a Monthly Meetup which offers connectedness and a space for empowerment in a way not possible in friendship groups. Our regulars say the warmth in the group, the openness, and the sense of belonging that comes with regular Meet-ups is a grounding influence in their often busy lives.
Better Life! is about you as a collective. Our meet-ups are a mix of regulars, frequent members, and new starters who come together to:
  • Ask, discuss, and answer questions about people, life, and empathy.
  • Find support in other’s similar experiences and responses.
  • Explore more sustainable ways to handle situations to improve your experience of life.
  • Build and revitalise our individual and collective empathy capacities, helping us feel fresher for our family and social circles.
  • And each month we create a space of warmth, connectedness, and belonging.

The connections in group are a different type and quality to people’s other friendships.

The connections between members develops a different quality as our bonds spring from a mutual enjoyment and a foundation of listening and support with no expectations. Better Life! is a meeting place and a communal space to relax and just ‘be’ for an hour and a half once a month. It a gentle journey without any need to ‘be’ something by a deadline.
Better Life! feeds that part of you that craves a space where there is:
  • No need to prepare
  • Non-competitive
  • Non-judgmental
  • Feel connected without needing to maintain this connection between meet-ups
  • It is ‘food for the soul’
Come and soak in the atmosphere as a regular oasis in life to rejuvenate what you do.
Better Life! monthly meet. Group Life Coaching.

Better Life! Topics

This is a people-centred Meet-up, with topics suggested and agreed by the group in advance.

  • Our focus is empowerment through knowledge and self-development.
  • To realise your ability to be true to self in the company of others.
  • Often we are understanding life through the lens of Empathy and how others affect you consciously or unconsciously
  • We treat Empathy as your superpower so it does not become your Achilles Heel
  • Better Life! focusses on how to live and have positive dealings with others to advantage you and uplift those around you too.

Better Life! addresses concerns that arise in how we balance what we want, with the needs of others or other life demands such as work.

Each meetup connects the dots to shed light on what is created by unconscious empathy, and how to manage it consciously for better health and wellbeing and include:
  • knowledge and strategies about this month’s topic,
  • break for herbal tea / water and a snack,
  • guided session to teach you how to release stress and stressors in life and empower your focus.

Unconscious Empathy Affects Health

At The Source of Wellness you can treat both Mind and Body pain with Counselling, Life Coaching and Craniosacral Therapy, Jaw Unwinding. Perfect wholistic approach for Anxiety.

When you are unconscioiusly affected by the feeling states of those around you, whether that be loved ones, colleagues, or strangers the affect on your health can be debilitating with repeat pain, and recurring illness.

Understand Your Empathic Abilities

Empathy is a connection between people

Understanding the ‘rules’ of successful empathy, you will find many things you thought were just ‘you’, are a result of unconscious empathy. This allows you to enhance the good, and change those that negatively affect you.

Manage Empathy and Enjoy Life More

Many empathic people have drawn conclusions about their role in life because of the burden of being with others. What if you could engage more fully with others without the negatives you have come to expect? 

Each month’s topic is decided by the group, with group input requested every 3 months. Discussion is open to all, so sessions address what is important for members to improve your life, your wellbeing, your happiness, and your health!
People have similar struggles, yet receive no assistance about how to navigate life.
Better Life! is a welcoming space to listen, talk, engage with others, have a chat, share a story, enjoy a laugh or two about issues surrounding self-development which lead to you living a Better Life! Our Meetups are confidential safe spaces led by our experienced Counsellor and Life Coach, Ally.

Month-by-month Better Life! conversations will lead to your greater happiness and wellbeing!


WHEN. Held monthly on a Monday at 6.30pm to 8pm between February to November each year.

2023 dates are: 27 February, 27 March, 24 April, 22 May, 19 June, 31 July, 28 August, 11 September, 23 October, 20 November.

WHERE. Inside Thrive Wellness Centre at 6 Mint Street, East Victoria Park WA 6101.


  • $50 per session ($40 for pre-paid next session).
  • You+Friend for one session $75 total (ie. $37.50 each).
  • Annual membership $350 (ie. $35 per session).
  • You+Friend Annual $525 (ie. $26.25 per session each).

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP. Runs from month of purchase for 10 consecutive Meetups.

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