Pain Relief Lady's Story

Hi, I am Ally and am kindly known as the Pain Relief Lady. I have been in Clinical Practice since the year 2000, and worked with tens of thousands of people to resolve strong recurring physical pain, and Counselled and Life Coached as many suffering painful thoughts and feelings to regain their health and wellbeing.

I have a post-graduate Science degree in Psychology. I also teach Psychology at Murdoch University. I am Practitioner Certified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Osteopathy), and Acupressure (Chinese Medicine), and more.

Working together we design a Pain Relief Pathway for you. My goal is to help you lean into choices which suit you and your life and support you in Living Pain-Free.

I combine my education and wisdom of Mind+Body to guide you in the power of your own system to bring about change in steps you can work with to rebuild, or create the person you desire to be.

In addition to my education and clinical knowledge, I am an Empath. My Empathic abilities and skills provide me a deep understanding from the inside-out and the outside-in, how our Empathy can work for us, or work against us.

I love working with other Empaths (very high on the scale) and Empathic people (moderate to higher) how to use your innate gifts in a way that does not drain you, and still helps others. It is why Better Life! Monthly Meet came into being to provide support and guidance in a cost-effective way for all Empathic people.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

4800 +
People helped out of pain
Years in Pain Management
Treatment Modalities

Medical and Natural Health

Natural Medicine and Medical approaches can work together. Often Pain Relief Lady will refer you to your doctor for testing with specific instructions. And Pain Relief Lady supports medication short to medium term.

When your Mind or Body are not responding to pharmaceutical drugs, physical manipulations, or surgeries. This is when you need a Pain Relief Lady Pathway which treats you Mind+Body as a whole person.

Pain Relief Lady’s Pain Relief treatment can be your answer to pain relief by providing the right foundation for your Mind+Body to respond to medical interventions if still required.


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Treatment Involves: