Pain Relief Lady's Story

I have been in clinical practice since the year 2000, and worked with thousands of people resolve strong recurring physical pain and counselled as many suffering mental and emotion pain to regain wellbeing.

I have a Psychology degree, and am Practitioner Certified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Osteopathy), Acupressure (Chinese Medicine), and Lymphatic Drainage.

Working with people to resolve pain (mental, physical, emotion) has taught me how pain and life experiences are interlinked. The research agrees that our life experiences and our physical and mental health are connected.

In a Pain Relief Pathway tailored for you, you are provided a framework, options, and the understanding of outcomes and consequences. I help you with your choices so that they suit you and your life.

I combine my education and wisdom of Mind + Body to guide you in the power of your own system to bring about change in steps you can work with to rebuild, or build, the ‘you’ you desire to be.

When Counselling I use psychology protocols for mental health conditions. To help you build a new stable base when life challenges put you off balance and affect your functioning capacity.

Many in health, approach the experience of being human as if we are segments of unrelated parts. I find best results occur when you approach your experience as a whole, even if you only seek results in one aspect.

Treatment philosophy

Pain (physical health and mental health) is a strong signal to
pay attention to your body, and your environment, to correct
an imbalance.

Pain Relief Lady treats physical and mental aspects of the human pain experience for pain recovery and wellbeing.

Sudden onset of physical pain from an accident or injury is treated using Pain Relief Lady’s Acute Treatment Protocol.

Recurring physical pain with no known cause; from an old accident or injury; or from a build-up of stressful life patterns is treated using Pain Relief Lady’s Chronic Treatment Protocol.

Most mental health conditions resolve with the right approach using Pain Relief Lady’s Mental Health Treatment Protocols

Pain Relief Lady teaches you long-term management of your symptoms and life situations to minimise disruptions to your state of wellbeing and allow your life to flow as desired.

If you have had treatments which focus on your site of pain without success, then with Pain Relief Lady’s integrative treatment protocols, and her knowledge of multi-layered pain referral will help you find relief.

Pain Relief Lady helps people quickly make progress on long-term concerns, to regain mental wellbeing. Pain Relief Lady’s clinic is a confidential space for you, at your pace, with experienced support to address, for example, the pain of grief, anxiety, trauma, or the effects on adult life of growing up with unpredictable parenting.

Pain Relief Lady also works with children and teenagers.

For pain free living, Pain Relief Lady has taught thousands of people like you how to take control of their pain, release its cause(s), and get to doing life your way, pain free.


Numbers Speak For Themselves!

4800 +
People helped out of pain
Years in Pain Management
Treatment Modalities

Natural and medical

Natural Medicine and Medical approaches work together. Working with Ally, Pain Relief Lady you will be asked to bring in medical reports, xrays, and scans. Often Ally will refer you to your doctor for testing with specific instructions. And Pain Relief Lady supports medication short to medium term.

Pain Relief Lady’s Natural Pain Relief Protocols treat your body, and your mind for long-term recovery. Medical treats your body as a machine of moving parts, and your mind as separate. Each field has their strength and areas of excellence.

When your body or mind are not responding to pharmaceutical drugs, physical manipulations, or surgeries. This is when you need a Pain Relief Lady Pathway which treats body and mind as a whole person.

Pain Relief Lady’s Natural Pain Relief Protocols, can be your answer to pain relief or provide the right foundation for your body or mental wellbeing to respond to medical interventions if still required.

Pain Relief Lady treats all pain, but her strength and area of excellence is in chronic and recurring pain conditions.


Suitable for People with:

Treatment Involves:

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