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Pain Relief Lady's background

Hi and welcome!

In your search to get rid of pain of some description, you've come across me - Ally, Pain Relief Lady - and I extend a warm welcome to you.

I'll provide some background info about me.

I've had a journey with my own pain abruptly changing my career in journalism and business to health and becoming a Natural Pain Relief Specialist in the year 2000.

I barely visited a doctor or any health professional, before my pain appeared without warning.

But it was a blessing as now I work with wonderful people like yourself and I work in an environment of gratitude and respect. I was not expecting my desire to be of service in the world to be fulfilled in this way, but we don't always know the 'how'.

I learnt after years of suffering from chronic low back pain, first how to manage my pain and then later to step out of pain, but it was hard finding my path among the options my doctor provided.

Because my solution was not among those options.

I spent years describing my pain to health professionals, who only saw my pain as a symptom, but never understood how to treat its cause.

There were physical manifestations of my pain, with x-rays and MRIs showing bulging discs in my back which caused intermittent nerve compression - but that really threw the medical approach as they only understood constant nerve compression - not this on-again, off-again daily pain I experienced which sometimes was so intense I wanted to be sick.

Having intermittent nerve compression sciatica had a medical specialist accuse me of malingering (he was saying the pain was in my head). I am a very honest person and a very motivated person and I was not making it up!

There were also a couple environmental causes of my pain as I was back then in a very sedentary computer-chained job with high daily stress and 24/7 on-call duties.

So being falsely accused of malingering led me to look beyond my doctor's options for treatment as they were not working for me.

So I began to listen to my body, and as I did that I found my body began to heal and strengthen and my pain receded and then disappeared.

Then I began an ongoing lifetime passion of health education and training. I am again studying a Bachelor of Science degree at university because I never wish for my skills to become stale. And since the year 2000 I have provided Natural Pain Relief options for people like you who are:

  • using painkillers but do not want to, or
  • avoid painkillers at all costs, and want to get rid of your pain fast, or
  • those being told to put up with your pain because your doctor has no answer - but there are other answers and I provide them

I will encourage you to see your doctor to:

  • get tests and I will provide advice about what to ask for,
  • and I will help interpret medical results for you in plain language, and
  • sometimes I suggest surgery, and sometimes I recommend not to do surgery based on many thousands of cases like yours that I've seen. For example, discectomy can be very successful, but vertebral fusions have a high chance of just pushing your problem above or below the fused site.

My experience has led me to see health on a broad landscape that definitely includes Medicine, and definitely includes Natural Medicine.

Your health is so important. Too important to limit it to one narrow band of interpretation only.

Other ways using methods and philosophies that are thousands of years old in Chinese Medicine, or more than 110 years old with Craniosacral Therapy, and a wisdom and natural healing of mine that comes with years of experience working with many thousands of patients.

So let's go on this journey together. Make it easier on yourself with the support of someone to guide you!

Working with me, will save you time and money and an ocean of doubting your next step. Together we'll get to the heart of the matter quicker and start moving towards the other side!

I've worked with people with recurring and chronic physical pain, with and without a diagnosis.

I promise you life is better when you listen to what's going on inside. Knowing something is not right is the first step to achieving a happier joyful life.

Request Your Consultation now to get started on understanding and dissolving your pain.

My consulting space is in Ferndale, Perth, WA (South of the River) (12 kilometres from Perth CBD) but I also see people worldwide thanks to Video Call technology.

I really look forward to meeting you and learning about how pain is affecting your life and helping you get onto your Pain Relief Pathway!

Thank you for reading my story and see you soon!

Warm regards

Ally, Pain Relief Lady

Ally Pain Relief Lady