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A Personal Note

I once had chronic lower back pain. I attended appointments with chiropractors, physiotherapists, medical pain specialists, rehabilitation consultants, occupational therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, and my doctor.

  • I attended all appointments
  • I did all the exercises and followed all the advice, but was still in chronic pain
  • Sometimes the pain made me cry with physical | mental | emotion exhaustion
  • Pain often made me feel nauseous
  • Pain destroyed my sleep, and
  • Pain limited my life to next to nothing
  • I was unable to keep my then managerial occupation and had to walk away from my business career
  • I had hit the bottom ...

So as a result I entered the Natural Pain Relief field and have since the year 2000 treated more than 10,000 clients combining medical knowledge with research, and with Natural Medicine knowledge and the wisdom that comes from the many years of experience I've accumulated.

Below are my philosophies about how pain begins, and how I treat and resolve pain in your pain recovery pathway.

Warm regards

Ally, Pain Relief Lady

Pain and Recovery from Pain Philosophy

Pain is felt by you in an area of your physical body, but pain lives in your Nervous System

Pain is an electrical signal in your Nervous System, which is translated by your brain, into physical responses which either increase or decrease activity in certain body regions or body systems to reduce pain.

Our physical body is automatically geared to reduce pain

Our physical body is not automatically geared to release pain -we need to follow a CONSCIOUS process to activate your body's ability to release pain

But, most of us don't know that our body has this capacity to release pain, nor how to activate the body's internal pain releasing capacities. So you get stuck in a pain reduction cycle, with diminishing effectiveness over the long-term.

When pain is long-term or frequent, your body mistakes pain as 'the new normal' and can increase your pain far beyond the original pain-causing agent or incident

Direct, External Causes

Some physical body pain has a known, direct, external cause such as an immediate forceful impact, such as an accident, fall, or pressure injury or other external agent, such as a chemical burn from a poisonous substance.

Indirect, Internal Causes

Other physical body pain is also felt physically, with a spontaneous onset, but has no direct, known external cause.

  • Internal causes of pain develop over time
  • Internal causes of pain have a one-time cause agent, which is then repeatedly triggered over time, to sometimes become bigger than the original pain-inducing moment and even become different to the original cause
  • Internal causes of pain are generated by both genetic possibilities in your DNA from your family history and by environmental influences, which is about 'how' you live
  • The progression of internal causes of pain is very responsive to how you feel within your environment. Do you feel a lot of pressure in life? Are you carrying too much stress?
  • Your most frequent mental and emotion states are the biggest internal causes of pain which with long-term suppression, express as physical pain in the physical body and affect your physical body functioning

Your most frequent mental and emotion states will affect everything from your:

  • Physical posture
  • Level of physical activity, and
  • Efficiency of body systems to pump blood, digest food and fats, eliminate waste, be fertile, and have energy and motivation to move your body to stay physically healthy

For the development of the Medical Sciences, they found it necessary to separate the physical body from the mental and emotion realms of our one human existence. This was necessary to develop a deeper understanding of our body's anatomy and physiology.

But you do not live as just a physical body. You have thoughts and you have emotions / feelings. Otherwise you would be a robot.

So the next stage which has been taken up by the Psychological Sciences is to research how our mental and emotion states cause physical pain and dysfunction. Some research has occurred along these lines in the Psychological Sciences, but as yet the results have not translated into worldwide understanding about the strong links between our physical body functioning and our mental thoughts, and emotion feelings.

Pain Relief Lady works with you as a whole person - your physical pain, your mental thought states, and your most frequent or strongest emotion states to release pain.

"If you want to just be treated as just a physical body, as a robot, then it is best to seek a medical-model practitioner"

Pain Relief Lady's way of treating is to teach your body how to activate your body's internal pain-releasing processes and that involves the 3 levels of our human existence - physical, mental, emotion

I look forward to meeting and working with you to understand and dissolve your pain.

Warm regards

Ally, Pain Relief Lady

Ally Pain Relief Lady