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How Pain Relief Lady works

Pain Relief Lady has had decades of experience successfully treating more than 10,000 clients out of pain. Her knowledge about pain combines medical understandings of the body, scientific research understandings of the body and pain, and Natural Medicine understandings about your body, your pain, and your pathway to recovery. All of this has been formulated by Pain Relief Lady into a unique approach for you to release your pain.

As there are different ways to interpret your body's signs and symptoms with the medical model being one way with its benefits, but it does not encompass every understanding. If you feel there is something more, or something missing, or you are not happy with a 'just live with the pain' approach, then Pain Relief Lady offers a broader understanding and different ways to dissolve your pain.

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Pain Relief Lady background

Pain Relief Lady didn't start in healthcare. Her first careers were in Journalism then Business until chronic and excruciating lower back pain meant that sitting at a desk was no longer possible ending these career paths for her. But her desire to help others who had unwittingly entered the healthcare system due to the sudden onset of strong, recurring pain saw a new career path begin and become a fulfilling business which helps people release pain and get back to wellness.

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Code of Ethics

Pain Relief Lady believes in the science and the art of the human body. She is a health professional of high integrity who works with you to achieve and maintain your good health and wellbeing, instigating your body's natural means of recovery through her expert assistance and interventions.

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Body Philosophy

Our body is our link between our mind and our spirit - between heaven and earth - between what we do and who we are.

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Your Privacy

Pain Relief Lady respects you and your privacy, which includes your personal and health-related information, as defined by her high-level of integrity, commonsense, and the law.

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Our Site

Our Site is a place of connection. We have put many hours of service into the information for your better health.

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A couple of terms in the Glossary

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