When your body or mind feel like your enemy and you want your pain to stop

Nothing has really worked
for you so far

Pain Relief Lady treats physical pain and mental health.

You may have seen other health professionals.
Maybe you have a diagnosis, but no long-lasting relief from pain.

But your pain (physical or mental) – and your frustration at being in pain – is real and draining.
You ask ‘Why Me?’, ‘How Do I Stop This?’

You just want to feel ‘normal’. You need a Pain Relief Pathway.

Ally understands

Craniosacral Therapy (Osteopathic)

You too can have relief from recurring pain

Don’t let being busy and lack of time delay you.
You can feel so much freer and do more,
when you choose a Pain Relief Lady Pathway for you!

Ally, Pain Relief Lady

Ally Offers Pain Relief Pathways for People With:

Resolving recurring physical pain goes beyond just treating physical symptoms.
Resolving mental health is more than offering a sounding board for life’s problems, you need a strategy.
Both involve protocols designed to step you away from pain and into wellbeing. 
Pain Relief Lady uses Natural Pain Relief Protocols to treat both physical and mental conditions

Successful Three-Part Process

Your Pain Relief Pathway With Ally

Part 1 - Understand Your Pain​

Much wasted time and unnecessary frustration occur when you don't understand the how and why of your pain. Together we make sense of it, to minimise your pain triggers.

Part 2 - Create Symptom Relief Windows​

Consults are focussed on creating symptom relief windows (1 - 3 treatments) to reduce the pain which dominates your attention.

Part 3 - Treat The Core and Its Compensations​

Chronic and recurring pain (physical and mental) anchors itself in your body and mind, different to fleeting pain. Compensations develop to mask or minimise it. Pain Relief Lady treats both the core and its compensations to help you become free of the pains you now carry.

Pain is a feeling

Why See Pain Relief Lady?

You have followed a pathway in, one that created pain.
So you need to follow a different pathway out, to be pain free.

Even sudden onset pain, is caused by not noticing the signs until your body or your mind says enough!

To function optimally our body and our mind need to work as a team, not as two separates in one skin.

Our life experiences affect our physical body, our thoughts, and our emotions. Using this knowledge clinically is how I’ve enabled 20,000+ clients in 21+ years of professional practice work through and beyond their pain.

The medical view of pain is still distinctly separate. There are treatments for body pain, disconnected from you the person in pain. And there are treatments for the mind (thoughts and emotions), separate to the body.
Yet body and mind are interwoven functionally.

This has permeated how as a community people view pain, that physical pain only has physical causes and mental pain only has mental causes … not true.

To regain mental wellbeing, becoming more embodied and developing physical routines improves
cognitive functioning. And addressing the mental realm of thoughts, habits, and emotion responses
helps greatly to resolve physical pain.

If you have ever felt ‘you’ have been lost while seeking treatment for your pain, then you will feel met
by working with Ally on your Pain Relief Pathway.

Pain Relief Pathway Sessions

To estimate your pain resolution factor without knowing its cause, your symptoms, frequency, duration, and triggers, is asking sight unseen ‘how long is this piece of string?'

Rule-of-thumb is that pain you have had for less time and is low on the pain scale (below 3/10) takes less treatment to create a better resolve.

But pain is interesting, and people with strong pain can experience big symptom reductions quickly.

5 Sessions

Your pain scale is a
1 to 3 out of 10, and
In pain for 2 months

10 Sessions

Your pain scale is a
4 to 6 out of 10, and

In pain for 6 months

15 Sessions

Your pain scale is
8+ out of 10, and

In pain for 9+ months

Ally’s focus is on recurring pain

Whether you have a diagnosis or not, what is absolute about recurring pain is it is resistant to many styles of treatment, and is often misunderstood.
Yet our body and mind are designed to seek balance, and wellbeing will occur when the right approach presents.

If you want to be rid of recurring pain of physical or mental origin.
Pain that prevents you from living your life fully due to its regular or constant appearance. Pain that is no longer acceptable to live with. Then it’s time for your
Pain Relief Pathway with Ally, Pain Relief Lady!