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Plus Better Life! group for empathic people

Reviews for Pain Relief Lady. Mind + Body


Highly recommend Ally, aka Pain Relief Lady. She is highly skilled in multiple bodywork modalities and is also a qualified Counsellor and Life Coach. I have attended a variety of sessions with her both individually and in a group setting. I throughly enjoy my sessions with her. We always have a laugh and I leave feeling lighter both emotionally and physically. Shan, Thornlie


Better Life! was a great first session. Very welcoming environment. I felt very relaxed and less burdened afterwards. Highly recommended! Erin, Riverton


Ally is incredible. Not only has she drastically helped with my pain but she is overall a wonderful lady and very knowledgable and passionate about her work. Thanks Ally! Niamh, Leeming


Wow! Ally was amazing, and I instantly felt in great hands with this knowledgeable healer. When Ally was working on me I felt like my head was being supported in her hands and my body was floating in space. She also picked up on long held trauma that even I was unaware of and gave me great tips on how to best release it. I highly recommend a session if you are in any kind of pain or just want a nurturing release. I will definitely be making this a regular part of my health & well-being. Thanks Ally! Karyn, Kingsley


Ally has been looking after the kids for over 12 months now and she has become part of the family as she is working with the kids on their level which means they are responding to all of her touch.
Thanks so much Ally your healing hands are such a gift and we are truly blessed to have found you. Josh, Dalyellup

Health & Wellness

Pain Relief Lady treats pain with combined (or separate) Mind + Body sessions, for women, men, and children.

Counsellor. Craniosacral Therapy. Life Coach.

Other healthcare professionals treat only one aspect of pain or unwellness.
Leaving you running to many, or not knowing who can help.

Plus Better Life! monthly group which works on life from the perspective of empathy. So many are unaware that the cause of health and wellness problems is in your ability to pick up on the feeling states of others. Learning how to recognise and manage this ability is a life game-changer. More details here.

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Brain-Fog, Low Back Pain, Joint Pain, Neck Pain,

Migraines, Insomnia, Work Pressures, Relationship Issues, Life Transitions & more

There is a Wellness Pathway For You

How Pain Affects You, Mind+Body

An Example:

An Overflowing ‘To Do’ List Is Causing You Stress (Mind), & Your Neck and Shoulder Muscles To Be Painful (Body).

In this common Mind+Body pain situation, people seek repeat treatment for their neck and shoulder pain, which helps, but does not last.

When you receive combined treatment for both Mind+Body you can take control of reducing the severity and decreasing the frequency of painful episodes, on your pathway to Living Pain-Free.

Craniosacral Therapy for strong body pain, can be combined with Counselling or Life Coaching to work through the life circumstances, thoughts and feelings that underpin or cause your stress and therefore your body pain to recur.

Wholistic approach

Seeking ways to be free of pain can be exhausting.
Many therapies and practitioners profess to ‘fix’ you, but the pain persists … Treatment is for People Who:

To reclaim what pain takes, Pain Relief Lady will help you identify your causes and triggers, and assist with developing your tools for pain-free living, plus provide treatment to remove existing pain.

Pain Relief Lady offers combined Mind+Body sessions, as separate sessions.
Pain Relief Lady is a Counsellor with a Honours Psychology degree, and a Life Coach.
Plus she has decades of experience as a Craniosacral Therapist for physical pain and conditions.

Successful Three-Part Process

Your Pain Relief Pathway

Part 1 - Understand Your Pain​

Much wasted time and unnecessary frustration occur when you don't understand the how and why of your pain. Together we make sense of it, to minimise your pain triggers.

Part 2 - Immediate Symptom Relief​

Consults are focussed on creating symptom relief (1 to 3 treatments) to reduce the pain which dominates your attention.

Part 3 - Treat The Compensations​

Chronic and recurring pain (physical and mental) anchors itself in your body and mind, which is different to fleeting pain. Compensations in many forms develop to mask or minimise it. Pain Relief Lady treats both the core and its compensations to help you become free of the pain you now carry.

Why See Pain Relief Lady?

You have followed one pathway in that created pain.
So you need to follow a different pathway out, to be pain free.

Often ‘sudden pain’ builds over time by not noticing the signs, until your Mind+Body say enough!

To function optimally our Mind+Body need to work as a team, not separately.

The medical view of pain is to separate Mind from Body. There are practitioners for Body pain. And practitioners for the Mind. Yet in reality Mind+Body are interwoven.

A common view is physical pain has only physical causes and mental pain has only mental causes … not true.

If you have ever felt ‘you’ have been lost between the different practitioners who treat only one part of your pain, then you will feel met working with Pain Relief Lady on your personalised Pathway.

Your Wellness Pathway

To estimate your pain resolution factor a rule-of-thumb is that pain which is below 3/10 on the pain scale and you have had for less time takes less treatment to create a better resolve.

But pain is interesting, as people who have been chronically out-of-balance can sometimes experience big symptom reductions quickly.

5 Sessions

Your pain scale is a
1 to 3 out of 10, and
In pain for 2 months

10 Sessions

Your pain scale is a
4 to 6 out of 10, and

In pain for 6 months

15 Sessions

Your pain scale is
8+ out of 10, and

In pain for 9+ months