When In Pain, and Nothing fixes it

Mind and Body Sessions

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When Pain Stays ...

Life can be good, but even a good life has pain

Pain can be felt in mind, in your body, and your emotions.

Our Health system, slices and dices pain among many healthcare professionals.
Leaving you running to many, or not knowing exactly who can help.

Pain Relief Lady can help you release pain from all 3 with combined Mind + Body sessions

Ally is the Pain Relief Lady and she helps women, men, and children release chronic pain, such as:

anxiety that causes tense muscles, and adrenal fatigue 

mental health and wellbeing
depression, bipolar, abuse, trauma

brain-fog and unable to
remember what was just said

physical pain from medical conditions which drain you

body pains from poor posture,
broken sleep, injury, accident

pain at work, with job overwhelm
and constant time pressure
relationship pain, including grown apart and repeat arguments

can’t walk pain, swollen limbs,
pain of ringing in your ears

the pain of living and going through the motions of your routine

Maybe you’ve seen your doctor, or a physio, had blood tests, scans, xrays, and seen a specialist or two.
You have searched Google and tried a few ideas, and products in the hope of it helping. 

But you have no lasting relief, and you ask ‘How Do I Stop This?’

There is a Pain Relief Lady Pathway for you because:

Ally understands

How Pain Merges to Affect Mind, Body, Emotion

Quick Example: Your ‘To Do’ List is Overflowing (Thoughts). So Your Neck, Shoulder Muscles Contract (Body). And You Feel A Constant Failure (Emotion) Because Your ‘To Do’ List Never Ends 

In this common pain situation, what if your sense of failure and your habit to juggle many things at once merge with your physical pain in your neck and shoulders?

So treatment you have to ‘fix’ your neck and shoulder pain never really makes it go away, because the emotions attached to feeling like a failure and your habit of juggling so many ‘must do’ things at once, continue to activate the pain circuits in your body.

Now every time you feel overwhelmed or that you might be underperforming, it triggers your inner critic, and your neck and shoulders ache and pain again. And this now drives you crazy, because as your doctor points out, there is nothing wrong with you physically. Who do you see to help?

Ally, Pain Relief Lady

Ally Offers Pain Relief Pathways for People Who:

Understanding and releasing pain in all its forms (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is possible.

And if you have tried many practitioners, therapists, doctors, specialists seeking this,
these wonderful professionals offer treatments which profess their superior knowledge about you.

Once upon a time Pain Relief Lady did this also … 

But her sessions have shifted to help you learn your tools, discover your choices,
and recall and release your pain, in a way that suits you. With much better results!

Pain Relief Lady offers combined Mind and Body sessions, or you can have just one or the other if you prefer.

Teaching You how

Pain Relief Lady guides, supports, and shares clinical information about conditions, and evidence-based practice.

Ally, Pain Relief Lady helps people discover their method of releasing pain. In her experience, she could never create the many highly personalised and individual ways people find in the moment of letting pain go. Old, old pain, and deep hurts that even the person thought would never heal.

You do not need to be creative, nor imaginative.
When you are guided by short easy questions your instinct responds with the answer that is right for you. From here you quickly and easily build your own method to release your pain.

Because you are guided to devise each step along the way, there is no need to
give control away to another health professional to fix it for you.

This means your results go deeper. And you recover more quickly.

Pain Relief Lady is a Counsellor with a University Degree in Psychology, who was for decades a Natural Pain Relief Specialist for the body. She now combines her knowledge of the body and the workings of the mind into treatment to resolve chronic, recurring, and stubborn pain of all kinds.

Successful Three-Part Process

Your Pain Relief Pathway With Ally

Part 1 - Understand Your Pain​

Much wasted time and unnecessary frustration occur when you don't understand the how and why of your pain. Together we make sense of it, to minimise your pain triggers.

Part 2 - Create Immediate Symptom Relief​

Consults are focussed on creating symptom relief (1 - 3 treatments) to reduce the pain which dominates your attention.

Part 3 - Treat The Compensations​

Chronic and recurring pain (physical and mental) anchors itself in your body and mind, different to fleeting pain. Compensations in many forms develop to mask or minimise it. Pain Relief Lady treats both the core and its compensations to help you become free of the pain you now carry.

Pain is a feeling

Why See Pain Relief Lady?

You have followed a pathway in, one that created pain.
So you need to follow a different pathway out, to be pain free.

Often what seems ‘sudden’ has occurred by not noticing the signs, until your mind and body say enough!

To function optimally our mind, body, emotions need to work as a team, not as three separate functions.

Our life experiences affect our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical body. Using this method I’ve helped 20,000+ clients in 22+ years of professional practice, work through and beyond their pain.

The medical view of pain is to separate mind, body, emotion. There are practitioners for body pain. And practitioners for the mind, which are separate to the body. Yet in reality body, mind, emotion are interwoven.

A common view is physical pain has only physical causes and mental pain has only mental causes … not true.

If you have ever felt ‘you’ have been lost between the different practitioners who treat only one part of your pain, then you will feel met working with Ally on your Pain Relief Pathway.

Pain Relief Pathway Sessions

To estimate your pain resolution factor without knowing its cause, your symptoms, frequency, duration, and triggers, is asking sight unseen ‘how long is this piece of string?'

Rule-of-thumb is that pain you have had for less time and is low on the pain scale (below 3/10) takes less treatment to create a better resolve.

But pain in life is interesting, and people who have been chronically out-of-balance can experience big symptom reductions quickly.

5 Sessions

Your pain scale is a
1 to 3 out of 10, and
In pain for 2 months

10 Sessions

Your pain scale is a
4 to 6 out of 10, and

In pain for 6 months

15 Sessions

Your pain scale is
8+ out of 10, and

In pain for 9+ months

Ally’s focus is on recurring pain

Whether you have a diagnosis or not, what is absolute about recurring situations and recurring pain is it resists many styles of treatment, and is often misunderstood by practitioners.
Your body and mind are designed to seek balance, and wellbeing will occur when the right approach is presented to you. By a method you design.

If you want to be rid of recurring pain of mental, emotional, or physical origin.
Pain that prevents you from living your life fully due to its regular or constant appearance. Pain that is no longer acceptable to live with.
Then it’s time for your own Pain Relief Pathway with
Ally, Pain Relief Lady!